Bronx Justice News Investigation: Eleven Years Behind Schedule, Court’s “Civic Plaza” Remains a Blight on Property, Costing Taxpayers Millions

It's been a busy few months at my new job, and I couldn't be prouder of the work Bronx Justice News is doing.

The editoral team's investigation into taxpayer waste and mismanagement at the troubled Bronx Hall of Justice went live this month, and the repsonse has been overwhelming. 

Some background on the project: I began working out of the courthouse for the Daily News, and writing about the building's many issues, in 2009. A decade later, I returned to the building for my new job with BJN, picking up where I'd left off with the News in 2012.

Here are the three stories myself and the editorial team have done, so far, on issues at the courthouse. More to come.                                    

Thanks for reading.