Daily News Review: No Inaccuracies or Inconsistencies Found in Kevin Deutsch's Work

The Daily News in New York, where I worked from 2009 to 2012 covering crime and courts, has issued a statement of findings following a review of my work, which found no factual issues or inconsistencies. Their review statement reads, in part: “From September, 2009 through March, 2012, Kevin Deutsch had 688 bylines in the Daily News. In a highly competitive media environment, the stories raised no red flags."

The full statement from the newspaper is as follows:

"Two factors have ruled out comprehensively documenting every fact and source attributable to Deutsch. First, the passage of five to seven years heightens the difficulty of locating individuals who were identified only by name in the tumult of New York and who were peripheral to the main thrust of a piece – for example, witnesses at breaking news events. Second, many of the stories carried multiple bylines. Five to seven years later, after significant staff turnover, determining what reporter contributed what quote or factual material to each story would be prohibitively time consuming if not impossible.”

The News' review follows reviews of my work by the New York Times and Newsday, neither of which identified any innacuracies in my work, nor resulted in any retractions, factual corrections, or clarifications.

Thank you to all the readers who have reached out in recent months with words of support, news tips, and story ideas. I appreciate them all.