"A Dark Turn" with Kevin Deutsch: Guest Cindy Brown, Ex-Wife of Tampa Serial Killer Bobby Joe Long

Our guest this week is the domestic violence awareness advocate Cindy Brown, who was married to serial killer and so called Classified Ad Rapist Bobby Joe Long before he began an infamous murder spree that claimed the lives of ten women across a seven month span in Tampa, Florida. Cindy and Bobby married in 1978 and had two children together. Their marriage began happily, but by its end Bobby was inflicting life threatening beatings on his wife. He’d suffered a number of serious head injuries in his lifetime, including one in a major motorcycle crash, after which Cindy said he became much more violent. This is of interest because a number of serial killers have been found to have suffered head trauma before they began killing. 
During Long’s marriage to Cindy, and in the years after their divorce, he’s believed to have committed between 50 and 150 rapes of women he found through newspaper classified ads. These women were selling furniture and other wares. Bobby would arrange to meet them at their homes, then sexually assault them. He was eventually caught and pleaded guilty to multiple murders and rapes in 1985. Nearly thirty five years later, he still is still awaiting execution on Florida’s death row.
Cindy Brown joined us by phone this week to discuss her marriage to Bobby, her experiences as a survivor of violence, and how her story is helping other women escape violent relationships. Listen to the full episode here.