"A Dark Turn" Welcomes Cutter Wood

“A Dark Turn” welcomes author Cutter Wood to the show to discuss his new book “Love and Death in the Sunshine State: The Story of a Crime.” I spoke with Cutter at the Miami Book Fair about this compelling work of true crime/memoir, which powerfully blends the author’s investigation of a disappearance and homicide with his personal story. Some background on the author: Wood was born in Central Pennsylvania and received his BA from Brown University, where he was awarded prizes for nonfiction and poetry. He completed an MFA in creative nonfiction at the University of Iowa in 2010, during which he was awarded numerous fellowships and had essays published in Harper’s and other magazines. After serving as a Provost Fellow at UI and a Visiting Scholar at the University of Louisville, Wood moved to New York. For his book, he was awarded a 2018 Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts. He currently lives in Brooklyn with his wife and daughter. Listen to my interview with Cutter here.