Help Solve the Boca Raton Mall Murders

I started writing about the Boca mall murders and abductions nearly eleven years ago. At that time, the digital revolution was just getting started—the iPhone was introduced the same year as the Town Center at Boca Raton and Mizner Park attacks (2007), and smartphone, social media, and mobile GPS technologies were all in their infancy. Today, more than a decade later, everything has changed. Crowdsolving, high technology, and advances in DNA testing (DNA evidence was recovered from the Gorenberg scene) are helping to close cold homicide cases with stunning frequency. The Boca cases CAN be solved with the aid of these powerful tools, coupled with relentless investigation. Please, spread the word about our investigative Facebook page and message us there with any and all tips. You may remain anonymous. The time to speak up is now. 
Thank you, everyone.
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