Praise for "Pill City" from Shelf Awareness

Shelf Awareness calls Pill City "deeply researched....true-crime reporting with an edge."

Read their full review here.

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My Story about PTSD in UK'S The Independent newspaper

I didn’t mind the blood at first: the red streaks and puddles that sometimes remained in the street once the corpses were hauled away. Nor did I mind the screams of the mothers who rushed to crime scenes only to find their sons lifeless and bullet-pocked behind police tape.

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My Story about The New York Mets

Thank you to Metsmerized Online, one of my favorite New York Mets news websites, for publishing my piece about my friend Juan and our passion for the team. Rest in piece, friend. 


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Daily News Review: No Inaccuracies or Inconsistencies Found in Kevin Deutsch's Work

The Daily News in New York, where I worked from 2009 to 2012 covering crime and courts, has issued a statement of findings following a review of my work, which found no factual issues or inconsistencies. Their review statement reads, in part: “From September, 2009 through March, 2012, Kevin Deutsch had 688 bylines in the Daily News. In a highly competitive media environment, the stories raised no red flags."

The full statement from the newspaper is as follows:

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The Killing of Haley Anderson

I've spent the last few days investigating the death of 22-year-old Binghamton University nursing student Haley Anderson. My latest story on the case can be found here.

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My thoughts on Baltimore's GTTF police corruption trial, published in the LA Times and Baltimore Sun

My thoughts on the GTTF corruption trial--and its links to the looting of pharmacies during the 2015 Baltimore riots--were published by both the Los Angeles Times and Baltimore Sun this week.  "Pill City" covered key issues and events that arose during the trial. Read about them here or here.

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My latest story on HuffPo Blog: American Tourist Dollars Boost Cuba’s Sex Trade

I spent some time in Havana investigating the Cuban sex trade, and found that teenage girls are increasingly entering the illicit industry to meet tourist demand. Read my story here.


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My latest story: An exclusive interview with actress at center of Sen. Ted Cruz Twitter controversy

"Cory Chase, the adult film actress featured in a porn video that was “liked” by the senator’s Twitter account Monday night, says she’s been inundated with Twitter notifications and messages from fans since her video earned the approval of Cruz’s account. And while Chase said she leans republican, Cruz’s stance on her industry—as Texas solicitor general, he once tried to ban the purchase of sex toys in the state—means she likely won’t be casting a ballot for him should he make another run for president."

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My response to Newsday's review

For me, journalistic ethics are sacrosanct. They've remained so throughout my fifteen-year criminal justice journalism career—a career I'm extremely proud of. I stand behind every word I've published. None of my work has been found to be inaccurate, nor any story I’ve worked on ever retracted. Newsday’s review confirmed the accuracy of the more than 630 stories I wrote for the paper--stories Newsday is standing behind. There have been no complaints about my work from citizens, government agencies, public officials, or other sources about any of my journalism.

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New York Observer article: The Truth Is on My Side

From my latest opinion piece: 

"I interviewed more than 300 people for the book, many of them gang members and drug dealers, some of whom threatened me with death for my reporting. More than 60 percent of homicide cases recorded in Baltimore in 2015 remain unsolved; among the people I interviewed were gang members who carried out some of those killings.

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