Help Solve the Boca Raton Mall Murders

I started writing about the Boca mall murders and abductions nearly eleven years ago. At that time, the digital revolution was just getting started—the iPhone was introduced the same year as the Town Center at Boca Raton and Mizner Park attacks (2007), and smartphone, social media, and mobile GPS technologies were all in their infancy. Today, more than a decade later, everything has changed.
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Episode 2 of my new podcast "A Dark Turn" is live

For our most recent show, I spoke with "True Crime Addict" author James Renner about his investigation into the strange disappearance of Maura Murray, as well as his new podcast "The Philosophy of Crime." Check out the broadcast here:

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My latest: Journalist Kevin Deutsch on How Miami’s Cocaine Cowboys -and Batman- Turned Him Into a Crime Author

"No one’s born a crime reporter — it’s too thankless a job to be written in anybody’s stars. But for some of us, crime and intrigue exert a kind of gravitational pull on our lives, all but choosing our professions for us.

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Episode One of my new crime podcast "A Dark Turn" is now live

Love true crime? Check out my new show "A Dark Turn" on Authors on the Air Global Radio Network. My guest this week is author and former LSD kingping Seth Ferranti, who launched a successful writing career while serving 21 years in federal prison. Listen to the full episode here.

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New review of "Pill City"

Writer Karen Hadley in her review of "Pill City" for Narconon says: "This new book from journalist Kevin Deutsch tells a tragic tale of utter and heartless disregard for human life."

Read her full review here.



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My thoughts on press coverage of the opioid crisis, published in the Palm Beach Post

Americans have rightfully been disturbed in recent days by stories of immigrant children being separated from their families at the border. Yet our nation’s opioid epidemic has been tearing families apart for years — including many here in Florida — with little notice from network and cable TV news.

One reason for the disparity: Pill and heroin addicts apparently don’t make for good ratings. To read the rest, click here


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Praise for "Pill City" from Shelf Awareness

Shelf Awareness calls Pill City "deeply researched....true-crime reporting with an edge."

Read their full review here.

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My Story about PTSD in UK'S The Independent newspaper

I didn’t mind the blood at first: the red streaks and puddles that sometimes remained in the street once the corpses were hauled away. Nor did I mind the screams of the mothers who rushed to crime scenes only to find their sons lifeless and bullet-pocked behind police tape.

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My Story about The New York Mets

Thank you to Metsmerized Online, one of my favorite New York Mets news websites, for publishing my piece about my friend Juan and our passion for the team. Rest in piece, friend. 


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Daily News Review: No Inaccuracies or Inconsistencies Found in Kevin Deutsch's Work

The Daily News in New York, where I worked from 2009 to 2012 covering crime and courts, has issued a statement of findings following a review of my work, which found no factual issues or inconsistencies. Their review statement reads, in part: “From September, 2009 through March, 2012, Kevin Deutsch had 688 bylines in the Daily News. In a highly competitive media environment, the stories raised no red flags."

The full statement from the newspaper is as follows:

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