Interview on Crime Beat Radio

Here's the link to a fun book interview I did last month with Ron Chepesiuk of Crime Beat Radio:

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Reading at Union Ave. Books in Knoxville, TN

A big thank you to Flossie McNabb for inviting me to read at her store in February. Pick up a copy of "The Triangle" and other books on their Web site:

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Newsday calls 'The Triangle' "Brave and Detailed"

"Newsday crime reporter Kevin Deutsch's 'The Triangle' is ...a work of brave and detailed immersive reporting in the tradition of "The Corner" by David Simon."

Read the full review here:

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'Ensuing Chapters' book review calls 'The Triangle' an "important" book

"Dramatically reconstructed from interviews, legal records and first-hand experience, The Triangle is as fast-paced and action-packed as a first-rate thriller—a literary narrative as entertaining as it is troubling."

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'Triangle' segment on WNYC's Brian Lehrer Show

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Brian Lehrer last week to talk about my book, as well as the current tensions between the mayor and NYPD. You can listen to the full WNYC segment here:

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Laura Miller of reviews 'The Triangle'

Miller writes that “Many aspects of this story may sound familiar, but Deutsch wants to change the framework in which we view them. We should, he argues, recognize the ongoing Bloods-Crips conflict not as a series of isolated criminal incidents but as a 45-year war that has claimed 20,000 lives. He points out that fewer Americans died in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars than died in Bloods-Crips battles during the same period.”

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The Riverdale Press covers 'The Triangle'

The Pulitzer Prize winning Bronx weekly where I worked on staff in 2009 and 2010 ran a piece about how I reported the book. Here's the link:,55917

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The Columbus Dispatch calls 'The Triangle' "Gripping"

"Kevin Deutsch, a reporter for the Long Island newspaper Newsday, spent his off hours during 2012 with two gangs in the village of Hempstead in suburban New York.

Weekends were devoted to the Crips, and evenings immersed in the world of the Bloods — both gangs that have branches throughout the United States.

The Triangle offers a gripping account of that year, a particularly violent one because of an all-out war between the gangs for territory in which to deal drugs."

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"Triangle" Excerpt posted on

Crack was the atomic bomb of the ghetto. And the scariest part was, any fool could build that bomb. —Marcus Jackson

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